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Giulia Botta: “I like facing tough issues”

Working at Kiwa since November, 2017, Giulia gladly dives into all kinds complex technical projects. She started as Technical Project Manager and is now working as a Certification Engineer, Operation Manager and International Projects Leader. Giulia also joined Kiwa’s H2 strategy team recently. She is a smart young woman who knows what she wants, and Kiwa has gladly given her the opportunity to develop herself. 

Giulia graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. How did she end up at Kiwa? “During the last year of my master I moved to the Netherlands to perform my master thesis at the Technical University of Delft. After completing that, I started a PhD in innovative systems for renewable energy production and storage via high temperature solid oxide cells, with particular attention for H2 production, storage and conversion into alternative fuels. However, even if I value the relevance of my PhD topic in the energy transition European panorama, during my academic career, I realized that my interests were broader than the science and the technical aspects behind technologies.”

From academic to business world

She then decided to make the switch to the business world: “I wanted to channel my strengths, experiences and technical knowledge in a role with immediate impact on business and society, which made me really curious about exploring career options outside academia. I get excited seeing people, ideas and projects becoming successful, especially when they benefit the world at large. Hence, while completing my dissertation, I started working at Kiwa.”

“Since the very beginning, I managed to identify bottlenecks in the projects execution and to successfully find and suggest solutions to overcome these barriers. After only three months, I got the chance to start as Operations Manager to actively seek ways to further maximize the potential of our business unit. A fantastic opportunity that I seized with both hands. I recently got also the opportunity to join the Kiwa H2 strategy team – a perfect chance for me to apply my strong drive to translate new sustainability knowledge into innovative services.”

I believe fresh thinkers are necessary to find creative solutions and to face tough issues. Kiwa is actively seeking creative employees with this kind of attitude.
Giulia Botta

Adapting to a changing world

Giulia emphasizes that in a rapidly changing society, companies more and more need people with up-to-date knowledge and the ability to innovate. “The challenges Kiwa faces are getting bigger and more complex. I believe fresh thinkers are necessary to find creative solutions and to face tough issues. Kiwa is actively seeking creative employees with this kind of attitude. I really like that.”

Contribute to a better world

When asked what she likes about Kiwa, Giulia answers: “Everybody can actively contribute to the overall success of the company. No matter what your function title is, you are encouraged to express your opinion. Kiwa is also engaged in your personal growth. I myself have been included in our Talent Development Program and I have received support and mentorship from my experienced colleagues. Kiwa is also helping me to grow via ‘learning by doing’, which means I have the opportunity to fully express and implement my ideas.”

“Kiwa is an inspiring and successful international company that generates trust for organizations, their products and their services. What I really like is that we work as a Partner for Progress, together with our clients, on things that really contribute to this world. I truly enjoy working closely with our customers, helping them to move forward. Their appreciations bring me a lot of satisfaction. I’m proud of the relationships that I’ve already built, both locally and internationally. Also, I truly value the chance to accelerate Kiwa’s growth and its transition towards a more sustainable future.”