About Kiwa Stories

Kiwa's Stories from around the world offer you insights into how Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) bring value, trust and progress to companies, institutions and people like you. We share TIC-related developments in our many areas of expertise and society at large, as well as our customers' and other stakeholders' views on improving their businesses with us.

Tags help you explore our stories, covering a wealth of subjects ranging from energy supply and construction to drinking water, medical devices and agri, feed & food. Stories also include general topics like the certification or inspection process, lab and field testing, corporate social responsibility and quality management. As such, Kiwa Stories complements the product-related information you'll find on our corporate website.

We will continuously add new Kiwa Stories over time and extend and improve the platform. If you have any comments or questions, we welcome you to share them via the form on this page.

It's all about people

At Kiwa, we test, inspect and certify your products, services, processes, systems and professionals. Thus, we help you to improve your company or organisation, to make sure you meet certain standards or demands, to allow you to enter the market. As true as that may be, it's always people that make a difference. Whether it's an auditor visiting your site or doing a remote audit, an inspector checking your assets or piloting a drone, a laboratory technician proofing your samples - their sharp look, competences and expertise make the difference. They help you comply and take a next step from there.

Kiwa Stories showcases how you and we Partner for Progress. How you experience our services and the value we (hopefully) add. How Kiwa colleagues do their very best to service you, and how they use their expertise to help shape a better, more sustainable and fair world.

I'm confident you'll find something of your liking here. May Kiwa Stories inspire you to keep improving your business. Enjoy exploring!

Paul Hesselink, CEO Kiwa